To Obtaining Of Income Certificates

  • For obtaining Grama Niladhari Certificate which is met to occupied Grama Niladhari division
    • Name in full 
    • Address
    • Three month income before current month.
    • Income way
    • Forward requesting letter wth necessary matter of income certificate.
    • Forward an affidavit if monthly incame over than Rs.15000/-
    • If business,forward business Name registration certificate
  • Than relavant form is full filled with recommendation by Grama Niladhari and It is accepted to you for forwarding to Divisional Secretary.
  • After it is entrusted to administrat branch of Divisional Secretariat and it is received you for paying commission 1.27% to government
  • Paying that money after forwarding receipt it is issued income certificate to you


  1. If monthly income more than Rs.3000/= according to annual income caunts and charging commission 1.27% to government and it is issued annual income certificate
  2. if monthly income is Rs.3000/= or less than issuing monthly income report and it is charged commission 1.27% to government.

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To Obtaining Of Complaint Copy

If you for obtaining complaint copy which is complained by you to Grama Niladhari of your division.

  • Forward your request in written through grama Niladhari to Divisional Secretary.
  • Then it is obtained a complaint copy from relavant Grama Niladhari and issuing certified that copy.
  • It is charged to government to obtaining a copplaint copy for one page Rs.20/= over than a every page per Rs.70/=

To Obtaining Of Value Certificate

  1. It you want to need value certificate of Rs.5000/= or less more that it will be obtained from Grama Niladhari of your Grama Niladhari  Division.
  2. If you want to need value certificate of Rs.5000/= or more than it will be obtained on recommendation of Grama Niladhari of Your Grama Niladhari division from divisional Secretariat.


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