Issuing of felling trees(Jak / Breadfruit / Femae Palmyra)

  • Fulfiment application.
  • Recommendotion letter of Frama Niladhari
  • Deed / Grant / Copy of permit / Judgement.
  • Copy of plan or Outline of land is drawn by Grama Niladhari.
  • The place of tree which is in plan of copy or outline is marked,signed and sealed by Grama Niladhari.
  • Affidavit if it is undivided land.
  • If the owner was died,agreement of spouse and children ny Grama Niladhari.

Issuing of timber trans portation permit

  • Fulfitment application.
  • Permit of felling the trees.
  • If the permit is not need to felling the trees(Deed / Grant / Copy of permit / Judgement).
  • If the permit is not need to felling the trees copy of plan or outline of land is drawn by Grama Niladhari.
  • Certified timber report according of approved form by Grama Niladhari.

Issuing of soil excavation and trans portation permit(Less than 35 Cube)

  • Fulfitment application.
  • Requesting recommendation letter of Grama Niladhari.
  • Deed / Grant / Copy of permit / Judgement.
  • Copy  of plan or outline of land is drawn by Grama Niladhari.
  • Identity Card copy.
  • The affidavit if is undivided land.
  • The yrans portation place which is in the application recomended by Grama Niladhari.


  • It should be fulfilled the application.
  • It sould be recommened Grama Niladhari report with the application issued from the office by Grama Niladhari.
  • The payment of tax receipt which is began for the business in relevant urban councial or local council. (If shald be paid the tax to relavant year)
  • Confirmationed documents of ownership od Business place (Deed / Judgement / Tax agreement) 
    • If yor are not owner of the that place the consent letter of relavant owner (If should certified and sealed with the official stamp by Grama Niladhari)
  • Copy or copies of National Identity Carsd.
  • Copy of trade licence issued by local council
  • It should be mentioned that map which is going way to Business place (an out line)
  • After prepared the above documents before accepting to office,call theMrs.Achini,Management officer and should be done the placement test and get the said report. (According to the Business mature) Telephone No 034-2281612
  • It should be forwarded following certificate computsory, according to business nature.
    • Gem - Licence issued ny National Authority of Gem and Jewellery.
    • Pharmacy and Grocery -Certificate of Medical officer of Health and pharmacist certificate.
    • Foods and beverages,Mashroom<curry powder and canteens -certficate of public Health Inspector.
    • Tourist Hotels -Approval certificate of Board of Tourists
    • Timber Business - Approval of Regenal forest officer and envirment officer.
    • Educational Institutes - The relevant qualification of educational certificates.
    • Beauty culture Institute - The relevant Qualification certificate and recommendation of divisional Health Service Director.
    • Repairing of vehicles and service station Recommendation of environment officer.
    • Copy of Business qualification certificate.
    • If the partnership business,the certified capy of partneship agreement or dividing agreement of profits and loss among the partners should be signed on Rs.50/= Stamp and forward the certificate of justce of peace.
    • Ayurvedic massage centre - Recommendation of Health service Director / Police report.
    • Business belongs to industries registration certificate of District Industrial investigation Engineers office.
    • athe Industries which is the way of pollution to the environment,removing the waste materials depositng or emission.(Envirmental protection licence under National Envirnmental Act no 47 of 1980)
    • Sale of mobile phone - Recommendation od telecommunication regulatory commission.
  • Application



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Dansal for the Divishional Secretariat 2019

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